Rules All Ponds

Rules Pleasure Fishing

  1. Barbless hooks only.
  2. No keep nets allowed except on official matches.
  3. No peg reservations accepted.  Pegs are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Large carp friendly mats must be used on Runswater pond.
  5. All landing nets and unhooking mats must be dipped in the tank provided before fishing commences, tank situated in the car park.
  6. No fires are allowed.
  7. No alcohol to be consumed before or during a match.
  8. No alcohol is to be brought on site.
  9. Only immediate family, partners and children can accompany anyone fishing. Groups of spectators are not allowed.
  10. Barbecues can be used but must be on a stand to protect the grass.
  11. No braid to be used.
  12. Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead at all times and mess must be cleared away.
  13. Please use litter bins provided.
  14. Please dispose of any left over bait in bins provided.
  15. All fish to be returned to the same pond as it was caught.
  16. All anglers must hold a valid environmental agency license.
  17. Any person not complying to these rules will be ask to leave with no refund.
  18. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
  19. Only fishery pellets to be used, purchased on site.  Other baits can be used.
  20. Anyone fishing who requires the toilet, MUST use the toilets adjacent to the Bait Shop.  The toilets next to the Tipi’s are for guests staying with us, not for anyone fishing.

Match Rules

  1. In home waters, all the water will be taken and all peg numbers will be put into the draw-bag before the draw commences.
  2. All pool and entrance money will be paid before the draw. On ALL matches only ONE paid draw per angler will be allowed.
  3. No competitor shall encroach on another competitors swim.
  4. As a signal to commence a whistle will be blown. The same signal will be used to call time.
  5. No fish will be weighed that was hooked after the call of time. Any angler playing a fish at “The Call Of Time” be allowed 15 minutes to land the fish. After that, it will not be weighed.
  6. A competitor will have in use only one rod, one line and one hook at any one time, but may have other rods and tackle assembled behind him. All ground-bait may be thrown in by hand or by use of catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders and bait droppers only.
  7. No bait is to enter the water before the call of time but competitors may plumb the depth of the water, test their float, set out their keep-net and wet their ground-bait before the starting whistle.
  8. All fish to be angled unaided except juniors fishing matches, who are allowed assistance to land big fish if needed without risk of disqualification.
  9. Silver fish and carp must be held in separate keep nets.
  10. The weigh-in will be done by the fishery manager running the match.
  11. A competitor’s peg must not be moved unless he has approached the fishery manager running the match for his agreement.
  12. Any complaints must be registered with the fishery manager before or during the weigh-in.
  13. No competitor will be weighed in if there is any litter on their peg, whether it is their own litter or not.
  14. Should any question arise not provided for in the above rules, the same shall be at the match officials discretion.
  15. Net limits are 50lb in summer and 65lb in winter.  Any competitor exceeding the net limit by MORE than 5lb over the net limit will lose their net. Anyone exceeding the net limit but remaining within the 5lb limit will be weighed in at the maximum weight allowed NOT their actual weight.
  16. All payouts will be confirmed prior to the draw by fishery managment, and are FINAL.
  17. Hackworth Lake pole limit is 11 metres and anyone exceeding this limit will be disqualified. 
  18. Hackworth Lake – no rods, poles only between 1 April and 31 October.